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How to Connect Data Source to Workflow?

Connect DataSource to Workflow and then your data will be visible inside the workflow in the Raw Data Tab.

(Check the image below to understand how to connect data sources with workflows.)

Connect dataSource with Workflow

After connecting DataSource with the workflow, you will start receiving data on the workflow and your data will be visible.

Pick the row data

Your data will be in Raw Data tab and you need to click on the checkbox to pick the data. in the above image data is appearing in Json format but it can be any other format depending upon the source connectors. Maximum applications like shopify, airtable or almost all famous apps sends data in Json format.
Viasocket will always show data in Raw Data Tab and once you picked the necessary data (which you want to use to connect functions and APIs.) it will start appearing in the VARIABLE tab.

Variable Tab: It shows only the data that you have picked from the Raw Data tab. Whatever data appears in the variable tab can be used for any connected function, condition, loop and script. If you want to add more data to the variables, you again need to visit the Raw Data tab and pick more data.

Variables in Viasocket

Note: If you are picking a complete array of data then you might need to convert that data in Query Parameters using script. (Viasocket supports JavaScript, Python, and Ruby on Rails.)

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Vitor Patrezze Nunes

How can I use the return values from a function in another function.


Image description

One function creates the "message" String that will be used in the next step to send the message to a telegram Bot.