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What is Data Source?

The Data Source is a kind of data collector which provides different types of Data Sources/collectors.

Webhook: Generate Webhook URL and use it in your own code or any third-party app.
Form: Build a form and share it with anyone using the form link or embed in your signup code on your website to collect the data.
Repeater: Schedule workflow for any specific time/day/week/month/year.


Webhook EndPoint: Webhook Endpoint is used to generate a Webhook URL to setup the URL in any third-party tool or your own code. For example, if you want to receive data from Shopify, you can generate Viasocket Webhook and mention that webhook in Shopify's Webhook option.

Form: You can create your own form (something similar to Typeform) by dragging and dropping the form builder to collect data from forms. Read how to Set up a form.

Viasocket Form

Repeater/Cron/Scheduler: If you want to call your workflow every day once or twice or every minute, or at any specific time/day/week/month. You can create Repeaters and set up a time when to call the workflow.

Repeater configuration

For example, the following repeater is calling workflow every 3 hours.

Check Where data appear and how to use it.

Note: Data will be visible inside the workflow, so after connecting DataSource, you need to connect the workflow and visit the Raw Data tab (Available in the workflow.)

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