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Ravi Paliwal
Ravi Paliwal

Posted on • Updated on

How to get started with Viasocket?

Before you start using Viasocket you must understand three following things about Viasocket:


Data Source: To receive/collect data from Webhook, Form, or setup Cron/scheduler/repeater.
Workflow: To connect functions and create IF conditions or Scripts in sequence.
Functions: Every Script or API is a function, you first build functions and then connect them to the workflow.

Easy way to understand: To build any workflow you need to follow these 3 steps in viasocket.

  1. You start receiving data from any source like Shopify or YourOwnCode using Webhook, There you need to use DataSource.
  2. To see that data and connect that data in a sequence or use conditions, loops, and scripts. You need to connect your DataSource with Workflow.
  3. Every API or script you are connecting inside your workflow is a function for viasocket.

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