Call two API with different JSON formats

I got response in bellow format

{“EMAIL":"”, “LASTNAME”:“pppp”, “FIRSTNAME”:“ooooo”, “SMS”:“8104226732”, “PROJECT”:“Aeroview Plaza”, “TYPE”:“residential”, “ASSIGNED_TO”:“ravi”, “STATUS”:“open”, “AGENT_MOBILE”:“8104226733”, “AGENT_EMAIL":"”}

And in my flow I call two API

{“attributes”:{“EMAIL":"”, “LASTNAME”:“pppp”, “FIRSTNAME”:“ooooo”, “SMS”:“8104226732”, “PROJECT”:“Aeroview Plaza”, “TYPE”:“residential”, “ASSIGNED_TO”:“ravi”, “STATUS”:“open”, “AGENT_MOBILE”:“8104226733”, “AGENT_EMAIL":"”},“listIds”:[5],“updateEnabled":false,“email”:"”}

So I want to know how to call both API with different JSON formats

My end point is Socket - One URL for Multiple API Integrations

Hye Praveen,
You can simply put the different JSON body in both of your APIs

Whenever you invoke the endpoint with the data both of your APIs will run with different body

Also to send dynamic data you can use variables in functions like $var and you can map that variable in your Flow

Note: To update the Steps you have to update its Parent Function