Release note 2nd August


Common Header for all ViaSocket products
We found many multi-product users struggling to switch between ViaSocket products and focused on giving product navigation a common and standard look.

Product switch is now possible with the product header. Have a look here:

Feedio - separate board URLs for public users and board admins
All Feedio admins will now be able to access their Feedio board on
The Feedio board URL for respective public users will continue to function as earlier.

Feedio - Multi-board
Feedio admins will now be able to create multiple boards for their organisation. They will also be able to define which of their boards should be privately accessible and which ones should be privately accessible.

To do so, admins will have to go to the settings section and create new board.

To switch boards, admin can click on the board name dropdown while on the List or Kanban view page.

EBL - Logs in table format
We’ve added a new paradigm to EBL logs - they can now be used as your log history. We’ve added the table view to logs. To check this, go to flow section and and check the new data section.

Note: Logs had been serving its purpose of allowing users to debug their flows earlier and will continue to do so.

EBL - multiple data source

It is now possible for users to send data to EBL through multiple ways:

  • Endpoints
  • Repeater
  • Form

The endpoint section is thus renamed as “data source” section and the “add data source” button allows users to select how they want to send data to EBL.

Hitman - Pre-Script:

Now you can use pre-request scripts in Hitman to execute JavaScript before a request runs. By including code in the Pre Script tab for a request, you can carry out pre-run such as setting variable values, parameters, headers, and body data.

Hitman - Post-Script/Tests:

Set variables in the environment by picking from the API response. Add tests in Post-script starting with “hm.test” or you can select some of the pre-built tests given in snippets. This allows you to write test suites, build requests that can contain dynamic parameters, pass data between requests, and a lot more.


Feedio - status transition messages
Help messages are added to the status transition feature so that admin won’t have to write repeated updates on every status transition. Admins can still add custom message while changing status of a feature request - as earlier.