Release notes 22th March


  • Function marketplace

With an intention to allow users to easily import third party APIs, we have created an API marketplace. Now users will be able to search an API from before creating it as a function.

  • Improved user on-boarding for EBL users

We figured many users are getting lost once they are logged into their ViaSocket account. We have removed all options that could create confusion and have focussed immensely on features that make the on-boarding a ‘journey’ that has a clear end goal. Hope that helps user understand ViaSocket better.

  • Wait Block in steps

We have introduced wait block in flow steps. This will allow users to add a desired delay before triggering any specific step in a flow.

  • Audit history of flows, flow steps and functions (last update by and last update time)

Users will now be able to see who made the last update on a flow step, flow or a function and when was the last update made.


  • Log optimisation

A few users complained that the ViaSocket logs are too slow. We have made a few critical optimisation to load the logs faster to you.

  • Import function as a flow step

Importing a function as a flow step has been made easy - all functions are now shown in a modal window with a preview of the function. Making it easier for users to decide which function to use, without having to go to the functions page.

No bugs were raised in this release cycle that were fixed

To see which features we’ll be picking next, or to raise a new feature request, please go to We read and respond to each and every request posted there very actively.

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