Welcome to ViaSocket community

The ViaSocket community is built for its users, all our supporting third party API partners, and all the freelance devs who help our users get their workflows automated.

The community currently serves two purposes and has total three topics:

  • Allows users to raise bugs in the Issues and Bugs topic
    Currently, the turn around time for a bug to be resolved is 24 hours. The ViaSocket team itself looks into the bugs and fixes them. But we want to move to a more organic structure with little to no bottleneck from ViaSocket team.

  • Allows ViaSocket team to release changelogs on the announcement topic.

We are shipping out new products, and new product features and bug-fixes and what not at neck breaking pace, but haven’t been able to share updates about the same consistently. This topic is our first real try at being consistent communicator for that. :crossed_fingers:

Product discussions, tool tips, banter. General stuff. This topic is not currently heavily monitored, but can be closed in case of no engagement or over engagement that doesn’t seem fruitful for product or community growth.