Where is the "all" checkbox in the data tab?

I have sent an object to my endpoint URI, but there’s no checkbox to select everything as it was in the old viasocket dashboard:

Is there any chance to run the old dashboard version?

Or how can I check everything? Because the size of each call is different and I need to make sure always will be selected all the objects no matter how many of them will be sent in each call.

PD: I’m seeing the pricing changes, will this affect to old users or it’s just for new users?

Hi @Iceshax,

All the checkboxes are not visible because You are giving the data in JSON format.
In JSON you cannot pick the entire body, If you want that, then you can send the entire body in another key like:

    "myBody": {
        "key1": "value1",
        "key2": "value2"

and you can pick myBody from the above object

If you give Raw body you will get the key named raw to pick the entire body.

If you give Array you will get a key named _json to pick the entire body. Screenshot attached

So, to solve your issue you either need to send the body in array format or send the body in another key. Currently, you are sending it like below

{ "0": { "irregular": { "pulse_quality": [0], "pulse": [91] } } }

Change it to

{"myBody": { "0": { "irregular": { "pulse_quality": [0], "pulse": [91] } } }


[{ "irregular": { "pulse_quality": [0], "pulse": [91] } }]